Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Initial Release of my web tools

I placed the Erlang-based web tools that I am working on for the development of some of my own applications online. They are very rough, in that they are a big mix of experimentation and trying to get something working to write some actual applications. So, the documentation is weak, and there are still certain conventions and features that I need to work out that are not particularly complete yet. (So it is version 0.0.1 :)) I am not really concerning myself over making the system polished; what I wrote were just things that I found myself comfortable to work with.

The two tools are (with the most dullest of names):

1. Weberl is a request handler that uses Yaws. The difference between this and ErlyWeb is of its heavy dependence on OTP for configuration, and all that OTP provides and that it uses behaviours for controller modules. It uses SGTE as a templating tool.

2. Formtool is two things: a special form processor for handling basic forms and their validation, as well as a form generator given a specific form layout. (I wrote a draft of an academic paper on this project a month or two ago on this, as a joke. I was going to put that in the archive for this project, but I just got too embarrassed to release it at the last moment. :))

There are other things I wrote that might find their way into the above, but they are not for public consumption now. :)


They are both licensed under the BSD license.

If you see anything interesting in this stuff, and have a million questions for me, then you can email me at